Online 3D Sales Application for the Real Estate Industry

Create an online replica of your offline sales process, reach global audience & do Mega Launches all on your website !

Introducing The Real Estate Online Sales App

Post Covid-19, every business has been forced to go digital. The behavior of the modern customer demands that the  Real Estate Industry should go digital. That’s where Virtual Homes comes in. We create amazing Online Real Estate Experiences which actually “Sells”. We don’t compromise any aspect of the offline sales process. Even the smallest detail of the traditional offline sales has been studied over the years, and we understand this process thoroughly. 

After years of observation, we bring to you the all-in-one platform, where Home Buyer gets a wonderful experience about the property they’re intending to purchase, and the Real Estate Developer gets access to a lot of data points, customer behavior patterns and can now finally achieve partial automation in Real Estate Sales !

Now sell Real Estate Online, without compromising on the Human Touch factor

  • Backed by Aritificial Intelligence

    Imagine receiving a Lead, and you already know the probability of it getting converted to a sale, on a scale of 1 to 100. We welcome artificial intelligence in Real Estate Industry (Launching Soon).

  • Browser based - No Download required

    Our App doesn't require any download. It is a browser based experience, which enables anyone from across the world to have the same immersive experience over the internet.

  • Online Booking Engine

    We have covered up the entire offline Sales process. Our app enables Home Byers to visualize every corner of the development, visit their apartment virtually and even book their dream home from the comfort of their couch.

  • Lead Gen + CRM + Inventory Management

    Our App is pre-built with Lead Generation module, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Inventory Management solution. Our App can also establish a two-way communication between any existing software you are using.

  • Chat + Video Call Support by your Sales Rep

    Your Sales Manager can connect remotely with your prospective Home Buyer via Chat or Video call. This will ensure that your project is well explained to the end user. It shows that our App does not compromise on the HUMAN TOUCH factor of Real Estate selling.

  • The Most Advance 3D VR Technology

    Our App enables users to Walk inside the Apartment, Interact with furniture, change the type of flooring and visualize the apartment at different time of the day. You can even see Furnished / Unfurnished version of the same apartment.

  • 3D View of the entire project

    Our App enables prospective Home Buyers to visualize your entire development in 3D. They can drag the model, zoom in and out and visit every amenity. This enables your customers to immerse themselves virtually.

  • Top Quality 4K Resolution

    We aim to provide the best visual experience we can. Hence all our visuals are rendered in 4K Quality for unmatched immersive experience. Our App provides seamless integration with external images and videos as well.

  • Interactive 3D Search Engine

    Your Home Buyers can narrow down their home search by filtering apartments matching their needs. They can filter out on the basis on Price, Size, Floor and Availability Status.

  • Change the Time of the Day

    Show how beautiful your development looks during the Day Time, Sunset Time or the Night Time. This makes your prospective customer fall in love with your project instantly.

  • Show actual view from every apartment

    Our App enables Home Buyers to take a look out of the window of their future home, today. Our technology enables you to show the actual views from every apartment. Now, that's how you sell !

  • Compatible with any device & browser

    Our App is compatible with any latest Smartphone, Desktop, Laptop or a Tablet. Your prospective customer will get the same flawless experience on any device. Our App works perfect with all modern browsers too !

With us,

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