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The complete Virtual Sales Ecosystem, for the Real Estate Industry

Boost your sales with our Powerful Immersive 3D Interactive User Friendly Online Home Buying Experience, Metaverse Enabled

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The All New 3d Interactive Home Buying Experience

Virtual Homes is focusing primarily on real estate, providing cutting edge, interactive experiences, enabling real estate developers to present, communicate and sell in a more effective manner online. With the use of technologies like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse,Virtual Homes is sure to boost up your sales by bringing your project to life.

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Product Features

Not just a Virtual Tour, it's much more than that

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Virtual Homes Use Cases

Here are the most popular use case scenerios, which would completely digitize the home buying experience

Touch Screen Presentations

Using Virtual Homes, Real Estate developers can seamlessly present Off Plan Development on strikingly large, edge-to-edge touchscreen displays.

Experience Room

360° curved LED screen of experience room allows us to completely reimagine how sales center looks like, delivering an "all-around" experience


Online Booking Engine

A web based end-to-end solution enables you to showcase the beauty of your project in an immersive and engaging way, like never before.


VR / Metaverse Experience

Enter into the Metaverse experience through a Virtual Reality Headset, and explore the project, as if you were present there in real life.

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