Project Settings

Online Booking Engine

Warning - When you disable online booking engine, your visitors will not be able to see the live status of your inventory. Hence, they will not be able to book online. Instead, they will see the "I am Interested" button (instead of "Start Booking process") when they click on any apartment. This will send the visitors info to users you've assigned to receive it.



Users who will receive online booking form (To be shown only if Online Booking Engine is enabled)

Transaction Mode settings - To be shown only if Online Booking Engine is enabled

Set the time limit for which an apartment will be kept on hold / in Transaction mode for. Once this time is over, the apartment will be made available for others to book.

Users who will receive leads / inquiry form

Connect with a Sales Manager



Intro Video Skip Button Setting



Lead / Inquiry Form Setting

Show immediately

Show with some delay

Preferred currency

Currency Format = 1, 23, 45, 67, 890 . 00

Preferred unit of area