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Source Management Settings

Control the logic of source management from here

Source Editing

Control if you want to allow your customers to edit the source which gets generated automatically in register form, through source generator

Not Allowed

Allowed : Your customers will be able to change the source to anything of their choice and will overwrite the source automatically generated by the source URL

Not Allowed : Your customers will be forced to proceed with the same source which is automatically generated by the source URL. They cannot change anything in it.

Personal Details

Time Duration of Source Tagging

Control the total time duration where a customer is tagged to a particular source from here

Type '0' if you want to keep the source active for infinite amount of time


After the elapsed time is over, your customer will not be able to login with their existing credentials, and will be forced to re-register. Here, this customer will be treated as a fresh visit and can be tagged to any other source.

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